Fact 1 > The problem is, that you need a "good" organisation of all the used keyswitches with the Vienna Instrument.
Fact 2 > You played a melody with the VI-trumpet. Later on you prefer to play the melody with a flute. The question is: "Which keyswitches did I use for the trumpet?"
The frustration > Perhaps you have lost the notes about all your trumpet keyswitch settings. Starting at square one again. What a pitty!


Create general - EQUAL -presets for all your instruments.
Take the most used samples which are (more or less) available for
each instrument.

I did it as well for the most of my instruments...


All the keyswitches are congruent for the same articulation. Therefore you can exchange your instruments when ever you want. This works specially in a good way within the instrument groups. If you didn't use the instrument group's additional keyswitches then you could even choose and exchange instruments from other groups.

Demo Melody


Listen to the melody with the Oboe
I changed the instrument
after the Oboe...
Even if you transpose the melody for the Viola or the Cello it will work.
...but don't transpose the keyswitches...

Keyswitch Basic Org. Instr. Exchange mp3 [1647 KB]


Here is an idea for such Basic Presets:
- Collect the most used samples in a VI.
- Do this procedure for each instrument in the same way.
- Save those Collections as a Preset within your DAW

The meaning is, that you load up only one articulation per matrix. (No more keyswitches for the navigation within the matrix). A preset - as you can see below - contains the "really every time used" sample articulations.
Such presets are good
- for larger arrangements
- for arrangements with lots of opened instruments
- as a starting point.

If you want to save RAM-space: Leave out the legato-articulations.

See two examples below. The Keyswitches are identical:

Same keyswitch - Same Articulation

If you are going to prepare such "ready for use VIs" for all your instruments you will be able to put togehter your desired orchestra very fast and you soon will know C-1 is always! staccato E-1 is allways Legato etc. - and this with every instrument!

Feel free to create your own Basic Presets.

Tutorial "Basic-Presets for VI" [206 KB]

Beat Kaufmann

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