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Tutorial VSL (En/De)

Orchestra Presets

12 VSL-Hybrid-Presets

12 Hybrid Presets: 12 "Three-Depth-Presets" for each Room.
Use these depths for the HYBRID REVERB of VSL's Suite Effects.
The Presets are usable for WIN and MAC.


These templates allows you to build an orchestra of your taste.
Do you just use strings and woodwinds?
1. Load 2 VE-Instances
2. Choose between Small, Medium or Large
3. Load the corresponding presets... (woodwinds / strings)
The orchestra is ready, plays in the correct size and with the correct mix!

Purchase: the Vienna-Ensemble-Presets

Orchestra Templates

The "10 Orchestra Templates" are empty Cubase Projects - but with prepared channels in the audiomixer.
Drag and drop Audio-Files in this mixer and your orchestra sounds as the examples do.

Purchase: CUBASE Templates-DL