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Files & Downloads for the Mixing-Tutorial

E) Here you will find files for the tasks in the tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra"

D) Hier finden Sie Dateien zu den Aufgabenstellungen im Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra"

Not complete yet - it is just a preview.


Arranger with the 17 Audi-Files

17 Audio-files for Jurassic-Park-Excerpt / 17 Audiodateien für Jurassic-Park-Beispiel
24Bit, 44,1kHz, *.wav [97.343 KB]
(The zip-File includes an image of my mixer-layout)
(Das zip-File enthält ein Mixerbild meines Prokts)

All 17 Audio Files without any effect...

My Mix with the Audio-Files

The Original Soundtrack


You get these tracks.

23 Audio-files for BWV 11 / 23 Audiodateien für BWV 11
24Bit, 44,1kHz, *.wav (380MB) (290MB)

J.S.Bach, Cantata BWV 11, Final Chorus - a possible mix...

Virtual Stage for this mix... ... and the belonging mixer

Demo of each Depth...

This is an excerpt of a famous Bach Violin Concertos.
You get the first 2 minutes:

1st Violins
2nd Violins

Small Organ

Each Instrument comes as a Stereo-File 44,1kHz/24 Bit (wav). ...Ready for a nice Mix.
Download: (260MB)

In my coming up Mixing Tutorial I will explain my mix in detail.
I will show the mastering process as well of course.

This is my mix and after the mastering process...

This was the "real recorded REFERENCE"


32 Audio-files for AIDA Triumphal March /
24Bit, 44,1kHz, *.wav (530MB)

G. VERDI, AIDA, Triumphal March - a possible mix...

Virtual Stage for this mix... ... and the belonging mixer

All 32 audio files without any mixing activity. / Alle 32 Audiodateien ohne irgendeine Mixing-Tätigkeit.

A first provisional mix (excerpts)... / ein erster provisorischer Mix (Ausschnitte)...