Konzerthaus Organ


The Great Rieger Organ

The organ in the Great Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus was built by the famous Gebrüder Rieger company of Jägerndorf, Silesia and installed In 1913.
The detailed preparatory studies by the Konzerthaus' organ committee resulted in a unique instrument, both in terms of its size and design.
It was the first four-manual organ in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, With its 116 stops for its four manuals and the pedal board, it is still today the largest organ in Austria - and the most important representative of the "organ sound" as it developed in the era of change in organ building from Romantic to Historicism periods.
Text by VSL

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You can play the Organ either with its Release-Samples (a part of the normal room reverb of the Konzerthaus)...

...or you can play the Organ without the Release-Samples...

...and use your own Reverb now.

  • Binge: Elisabethen-Serenade
    arranged and played: Beat Kaufmann
  • Sousa: Stars and Stripes (excerpt)
    arranged and played: Beat Kaufmann
  • Marchant: Basse de trompette
    arranged and played: Beat Kaufmann

This Demo was produced in 2006 for VSL (info [77 KB] )
Handel: Organconcerto No1 Op4

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How can I prepare severeal registrations for the live situation?

Link to the Konzerthaus Organ at VSL

The task of managing all the stops of such a big organ
is a great job for the Vienna Ensemble.

A) Open a Vienna Ensemble for each manual
B) Assign one Midi channel for each manual (Vienna Ensemble)
C) Now open e.g. for Manual 1 a "Vienna Instrument" for each stop.

If you did that as I just explained, it looks like this:

Vienna Ensemble

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What advantage do we have?

With this VE-Solution you are able to mix the individual stops as you like.
S = Solo = switched on / With the faders you can control the intensity.
Finally you can save combinations you like.

Basically you could solve this in a DAW as well. But if you have set this up with VE once, you will like it more and more.