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Test: TSAR-1 Reverb (VST)

This is a "hearing test" of the
Algorithmic Reverb PlugIn "TSAR-1"

It is for
Mac OS X (10.4 or higher), Windows XP or higher
Any VST, AU or RTAS compatible host, 32-Bit, iLok USB key
Price: 329.- US$ / ~ 250.- EUR / Demo available

There are not a lot of Parameters but enough for creating any room you want. "Less is more", so to say.
Unfortunately the two filters "Tone" and "High Cut" are connected together. So if you cut the high frequencies (obviously the input for the reverb effect) you cant do a lot with "Tone" (of the reverb) anymore.
There are not really a lot of factory presets.

How to listen to the demos?

  • The voice shows the room in a good way, because we are used to judge a room with voices.
  • You can check the fade out of the reverb with the percussion instruments. If you have more echos than a natural tail than either the preset is bad or the reverb itself.
  • The Violin and the Accordion can nicly show the roomfeeling. Is the instrument removed from the reverb?
  • With the Organ you can check the naturalness of the fade out from the reverb (or if you want of the preset).
  • The Piano is a percussive instrument once more. How does the reverb fade out with the final note?

First, listen to the dry audio demo!
. . . . . . . . . . Voice - Toms - Drums - Marimba - Violin - Piccolo - Accordion - Organ - Piano

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Now you will hear the dry demo above with several Factory Presets.
I only adjusted the ratio "dry/wet" for getting a natural result...

Default, wet = 25%

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Guitar Room, wet = 25%

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Hall Medium, wet = 16%

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Scoring Stage, wet = 25%

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Synthetic Church, wet = 16%

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Large Hall, wet = 23%

  • Unbekannter Künstler:

Large Hall optimized by Createc, wet = 20%

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January 2011
This reverb can produce nice, different and also dense reverbs! Unfortunately TSAR-1 comes with a very poor amount of factory presets. Further, these factory presets are not produced with loving care in my opinion. What a pity, the reverb is far better than the Factory Presets can show. Softube should solve this in my opinion.

The reverbs seem not to be as "removed" from the signal (original) as those of BREEZE for example.
Nevertheless, The reverb-sounds are very good. Beside the natural reverbs TSAR-1 uses too much power yet. Hopefully Softube can bring down this CPU-consumption. 3...4 instances - and a common system is fully load, just with the reverb (VST/WIN7 64Bit).


++ natural sounding reverb
+ good three-dimensionality

+ good for creating own rooms

– small amount of (bad) factory presets
– – very hungry for CPU power

– "High Cut<>Tone" dependence
– not cheap

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