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Some Testimonials, collected over the years...

...your MwS and VSL tutorials have been incredibly helpful to me.
Steve Martin, Australia

I've really enjoyed your MwS and VSL tutorials. They are really helping me understand how VSL works!
Corte Swearingen

Hi Beat, thanks for producing all these Tutorials - there's some really good information in them and lots of useful tips & tricks for everyone !!
Martin Brannigan, Irland

Thanks again for your wonderful tutorials - I'm using it to produce a demo that I can then work through with you. I realised from the learning that I'm doing from your tutorials that one of my major problems is a lack of articulations...
David Tobin

I enjoy your tutorials greatly, thank you for that!
Franco Azizi, Italy

HI Beat, I just got your two full tutorials from your website, I just wanted to tell you that I feel that I made a great investment with this. It's very detailed and really helps me understanding this futuristic world.
Augustin Loreto

Hallo Herr Kaufmann, habe Ihr Tutorial 2009 erworben und habe die Lektüre regelrecht verschlungen. Hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Kompliment!
Thorsten Kieker

Hallo Herr Kaufmann, das Tutorial ist wirklich gut, vielen Dank!
Karl-Heinz Teubenbacher

My dear teacher Beat Kaufman, I received the tutorial. I am very surprised with it, it is very important very useful.
Abdullah J Sargrma

Hello, Mr. Kaufmann, thank you for your helpful tips on your Tutorial VSL.
Giuseppe Vasapoli, Italy

Ich finde das Tutorial von dir sehr gut, ich hab selten so gut investiert, es hilft enorm bei dem Verständnis mit VSL.
Werner Kolb

Hello, First may i say how great your VI tutorials are and Im finding them so helpful.
Clive Lukover, UK

You have given the world the gift of music and knowledge. Nothing could be nobler. Thank You
Gharun S. Lacy Black Light Recordings LLC

Mr. Kaufmann, First, thank you so much for such a wealth of information about VSL and music in general. Thanks so much!
Mahlon Bouldin Memphis, TN

Hallo Beat, Gratulation zu den großartigen Tutorials. Danke und Grüße aus Köln,
Jan-Nicolas, Germany

I spent a very happy couple of hours tonight working through one of your tutorials. Your insight and guidance are extremely helpful.
Mitchell Ashbourne, England

Your tutorilas are of considerably more value than any other instruction manuals.
Tatsu Nagao

Beat these are fantastic tutorials.. great to read and incredibly informative.. maybe i think the 'offical' DVD should have been a bit more along this line LOL
Fitch, Irland, Dublin