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Tutorial "Music with Products of VSL"

- shows all the tips and tricks to get results as you know it from demos.
- Listen to the 3 produced main demos of tutorial VSL (see right sidebar).
- Tutorial VSL restricts the explanations to the jobs with VSL products.
- Tutorial VSL only uses VSL-Products.

Tutorial VSL, >>> Content

TUTORIAL VSL is for...

  • musicians who are going into "producing music with VSL-samples"
  • beginners... advanced VSL-users
  • VSL-users who don't have the time to collect experiences
  • people, interested in products of VSL
  • those who change over to products of VSL

1. The tutorial explains how to produce music with a DAW!
2. Please also read this / Bitte lesen Sie auch: "Information about Tutorial VSL"

Tutorial VSL comes in html - it works as you are used to websites...

So you can browse around, listen to music, "download" the integrated files,
enlarge images and so on.

If you have the trouble that some content is not displayed I recommend to use...

... the portable Browser Google Chrome
... the portable Browser Firefox

I had no Problems with both of them.
Firefox worked well as installed version

Windows Edge stopped some graphics (blending images)
I could not test Browsers which are working only with MAC...

Tutorial VSL: 25.- € >>>>