Suite Presets

The Orchestra Presets inlude all necessary Adjustments for creating a Mixer which can handle a whole Orchestra.
You will get
- the Adjustments of the Panners for Left and Right.
- the Adjustments of EQs for all the shown instruments
- the Adjustments for creating 3 depths (shown on the image)

There are 3 Orchestra Sets of Presets:
Orchestra Set 1 = Presets for creating an Ensemble Situation in a small Chamber
Orchestra Set 2 = Presets for creating an Orchestra Situation in a large Chamber
Orchestra Set 3 = Presets for creating an Orchestra Situation in a Concert Hall

All the Presets are created with the VSL SUITE-EFFECTS, Verson 1.
So if you have this SUITE you will be able to create the mixer situation either within your DAW or also within an instance of a Vienna-Ensemble.
An idea could be that you create a VE for the Strings one for the Woodwinds one for the Brass so that you can put together your orchestra as you want to have it.

If you want to use these Presets you need to have the VSL SUITE EFFECTS!

Orchestra Set 1
Orchestra Set 2
Orchestra Set 3
Orchestra Set 1-3 (Bundle)

12.90 EUR
12.90 EUR
12.90 EUR
25.80 EUR

... for the most important instruments of an orchestra.
The Panning Presets can also be used for other instruments. Example: Use it instead of "Trumpet 2" for "Timpani".

  • Orchestra Set 1 > perfect for Solo Instruments Vienna Konzerthaus, Schubert-Saal > purchase...
  • Orchestra Set 2 > good for Chamber Ensembles Vienna Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal > purchase...
  • Orchestra Set 3 > best for Large Ensemble(s) Vienna Konzerthaus, Grosser-Saal > purchase...


Orchestra Set 1
Orchestra Set 2
Orchestra Set 3
Orchestra Set 1-3 (Bundle)

11.00 EUR
11.00 EUR
11.00 EUR
22.00 EUR

Audio Demos

Kaufmann: Staccato-Dixie
1. Orchestra Set 1 (Schubert-Saal) / 2. Orchestra Set 2 (Mozart-Saal) / 3. Orchestra Set 3 (Grosser Saal)

J.S.Bach: Jesu Joy...
1. Orchestra Set 1 (Schubert-Saal) / 2. Orchestra Set 2 (Mozart-Saal) / 3. Orchestra Set 3 (Grosser Saal)

Download Info mp3 Demos:
orchestra_presets_used_instruments_for_demo.pdf [21 KB]

How to use the "Suite Presets" ?

  • 1. Create the mixer as it is shown on the right - either within your DAW or within Vienna Ensembles.
  • 2. Insert all necessary Suite Effects
  • 3. Load the corresponding Presets for each Suite Effect...

...and listen to your orchestra - which will sound in three depths and from left to right as it should be.

The 12 "Three-Depths-Presets" for the HYBRID-Reverb expand the 3 Rooms of the Orchestra Sets 1-3 up to 15.
So, use the Orchestra Sets (Panners, EQs etc) but exchange the depths of the Orchestra Sets with those of the
12 HYBRID-Presets.
Clicke for more Information about the Hybrid Reverb Presets

More Info

Tip: Use the SUITE Presets with similar Ensemble-Sizes for getting out the best of it.
PANs: The instruments are "panned" to their positions with monitors
EQs: The instruments are matched to each other by a careful EQing and a fine "LowCutting-procedure"
Depths: The depths are created within the CONVOLUTION reverb with different Konzerthaus-IRs
Download: createc_vienna_suite_presets.pdf [774 KB] (Info)
Download mp3 Demos:

These presets only work with VSL-SUITE EFFECTS, Version 1