12 "Three-Depths-Presets" for Hybrid Reverb

W H Y ?

The HYBRID REVERB of VSL combines the advantages of a Convolution Reverb and those of an Algorithmic Reverb.
1. It takes the room information from real rooms, chambers, stages and halls for getting a natural depth and a good impression of the room size.
2. For fading out it takes an Algorithmic Tail which doesn't sound as static as tails of IRs it does.

So the HYBRID REVERB has a lot of parameters for adjusting all the matters for getting good results.
Perhabs you don't want fiddling around with all the knobs and shifters of the HYBRID.

The Solution: 12 HYBRID-Presets.
Each of the preset contains 3 different depths for creating a nice concert sound...

The meaning of these presets is, that you
1. open 3 BUS- (Group-, Sum-) Channels within your DAW-Mixer.
2. Insert a Hybrid Reverb in each of those Group-Channels.
3. Bus-Channel1 gets "depth close" for example
4. Bus-Channel2 gets "depth mid" and
5. Bus-Channel3 gets "depth far" of a certain Preset.
6. Now you are going to route all the close instrument (to the listener) through BUS1 (depth close) and so on.

For an even better explanation I recommend the Preset PDF:
Createc_VSL_Hybrid_Reverb_Presets.pdf [1.993 KB]


Each of the Room-Preset contains 3 Depths...

Smaller Rooms Larger Rooms
Small Studio Wide
Medium Studio Wide
Medium Studio Warm
Wide Chamber
Grand Chamber
Radio Strings Hall
Med. Concert Hall
Teldex Stage 1
Teldex Stage 2
Gr. Saal Konzerthaus
Large Hall
Light Church

Bonus: Schubert Saal (from Tutorial VSL)

Listen to the examples, produced with the HYBRID-Presets:
Depth1 = always solo strings or chamber strings (pizz)
Depth2 = always woodwinds (stacc.)
Depth3 = always brass instruments (stacc.)
Depth4 = Soloists = Guitar/Marimba (created with Depth1 but ER switched off)

Small Studio Wide

Medium Studio Warm

Wide Chamber

Med Concert Hall

Gr. Saal Konzerthaus

Light Church

Purchase ...
- the VSL-3Depth-Hybrid-Presets >>> 19.90 EUR
- Document Createc_VSL_Hybrid_Reverb_Presets.pdf [1.993 KB]

These presets only work with VSL-SUITE EFFECTS Version 1