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10 Cubase Orchestra Templates

The "10 Orchestra Templates" are empty Cubase Projects,
but with prepared channels in the audiomixer.

Insert corresponding Audio Tracks - adjust the volumes - enjoy!

10 Templates >>> 25.80 EUR >>> PURCHASE
Free Template >>> HERE

For each instrument on the virtual stage above and for each template you will get the...
- Pannings, the
- Equalizers and the
- 3 Depths
(incl. routing of the signals) ... within
the audio mixer - so that also the feeling of a
correct distance appears in all the orchestra templates.

Each instrument section is collected into a sum channel. There are group channels with REVerence Reverbs for creating the different depths as well.
These templates are good starting points or for saving some instrument groups as mixer-presets.
There are templates for:
Small - / Chamber - / Symphonic Ensembles

best for small ensembles best for chamber ensembles best for symphonic ensembles
- Music Academy
- Bright Viennesa Hall
- Small Hall
- Large Live Stage
- Ballroom
- Warm Wooden Church
- Dutch Concert Hall 1a
- Austrian Concert Hall
- Japanese Concert Hall
- English Chapel

For more information go to this page... or download the CUBASE Orchestra Templates [491 KB] (PDF)

Whether the templates will work or not with your system you can try with the Free Orch-Template .

Import corresponding audio files, or other instruments... and listen to the perfect positions

Possibility A)
1. Create your orchestra with samples but not with any room effect.
(only choosing samples, articulations etc.)
2. Produce an audio-track for each instrument
3. Open a project with one of the templates and you get a prepared Audiomixer.
4. Insert the audio file "1st Violins" into AudioTrack "1st Violins".
5. Insert the audio file "2nd Violins" into AudioTrack "2nd Violins".
6. ...and so on...
7. Adjust the levels between all the audiotracks (also with automation).
8. Insert some further effects into the Output Channel (EQ, Limiter, Dither...)
9. Enjoy the perfekt mix.

Possibility B)
Copy parts of the desiered Mixers from the templates for using it in other Projects

1. Open Template "Createc_Orchset_1c, Small Hall"
2. Save each setting of the 3 REVerences (close, mid, far) as a Reverence.preset
Now you are able to insert a Reverence at any time with a close, mid or far feeling for the small hall.

Save parts of the mixer for using the same setup in an other project
1. Select all strings (Viol1-DoubleBass)
2. Save it as "Chamber-Viol1-Viol2-Va-Ce-Ba-Positions-Small-Hall" (RightClick on a selected mixer channel)
Now you can apply the Mixereffects for the strings in another project at any time for the same situation.