Free Orchestra Template

The "Free Orchestra Template" is an empty Cubase Project, but with a prepared audiomixer:

For each instrument on the virtual stage above you will get the
- Panning - Preset, the
- Equalizer - Preset and the
- 3 Depths
(incl. routing of the signals)
so that also the feeling of a correct distance appears.

Each instrument section is collected into a sum channel. And last but not least there are Reverence Reverbs for getting the different depths.
This template enables a good starting point for your mixes or for saving some instrument groups as a mixer-preset you can leave the effects as they are.
The Template is best for Chamber Ensembles or Symphonic Ensembles.

Listen to the Sample below how the template sounds:

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Attetion: Downloads with a MAC can change the ending of the Cubase-Project from ***.cpr into ***.txt ... If this happens simply rename the project to ****.cpr or even better...
Download the Zip-Version

Simply download the file and save the project into a folder of your choice. If you open the project you are able to import corresponding audio files into the definite audio tracks...

you are going to save parts of the mixer. Select for example all strings (audio-channels) and save the mixer part as “strings-Viol1-Viol2-Viola-Cello-Bass”

How to use the template?
Have a look >>>here.