The 10 Orchestra Templates

You will find 10 empty projects but with 15 prepared audio-channels each:
5 audio channels for Strings - 5 forWoodwinds - 5 for brass instruments.

All of these channels per project contain a Stereo-With Effect and a Studio-EQ with the (typical) adjustments for the corresponding instrument. The audio channels are routed to a sum channel (group). One for the Strings, one for the Woodwinds and one for the Brass instruments. Further, each of these sum channels is routed through its corresponding depth.

The depths are created with the Reverb plugin “REVerence”. The templates are optimized for different ensemble sizes.
Of course, you can also use each place in the concert room for any other instrument. But, you should probably change the EQ-settings in case of changing instruments.

How to install?
Simply unzip the files and save the projects into a folder of your choice. When you open a project you are able to import corresponding audio files into the definite audio tracks...


You are going to save parts of the mixer. Select for example all strings (audio-channels) and save the mixer part as “strings-Viol1-Viol2-Viola-Cello-Bass” .

Expand the Template
Do not hesitate to expand the template with additional Audiotracks for mor instruments in a certain depth.
Do not hesitate to install a new Group-Channel for an even more depth (percussion for example).
Try to find out what I did with the REVerence-Parameters for having more and more depth.
You will have no problem to adjust REVerence for getting even more depth for "Depth4"...

Template Room of REVerence best for...
Music Academy
Bright Viennesa Hall
Small Hall
Small Ensembles
Solo Instruments

Example: Small Hall (bk_cubase_orchset1c.mp3 [2.164 KB] )

Large Live Stage
Warm Wooden Church

Chamber Ensembles

Example: Large Live Stage (bk_cubase_orchset2a.mp3 [2.210 KB] )

Dutch Concert Hall 1a
Austrian Concert Hall
Japanese Concert Hall
English Chapel

Large Ensembles

Example: English Chapel (bk_cubase_orchset3d.mp3 [2.201 KB] )

Orchestra Layout Audiomixer (compl.) Pre installed Audio Tracks

Group Channels (Sums + Depths) How to load Audifiles into the Mixer?
1. Drag & Drop the audiofiles directly into the project... or
2. Import the files into the project first.
How to save Parts of the Mixer?

Keep in mind, that with Cubase-Versions 7 and higher this saving process not works the same way.

The Output Channel is not filled with Plugins in these Templates. Use it for "Mastering" your pieces.
See a possible example on the left here:

- an EQ for supressing bad frequencies
- a Multiband Compressor for giving a bit more punch
- a Limiter for cutting the top peaks

Here you can read more about "Mastering Audiofiles"